Cherising every little moment!

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All four of us painted the walls yesterday! Me and Pooja sang tonnes of songss not caring about the neighbours might get disturbed! lol It was fun teasing eachother about stupidd thingss!
Later Pooja tried to run away from work...but mum gave her the task of watering all the beautiful plants in our gardenn! Poor baby was putting up a tired but it didn't work!

Me Pooja and Papa finsihed the white walls and then me and pooja Joined my mum to paint the fence while dad did the other white wall!

In the end, me and Pooja gave up and layed down on the grass..looking up at the sky...singing random songss!

After we found these two big sheets of bubble wrap, which we found soo amusing.....played with it for hourss!!
haha wrapping ourselves inside it and trying to catch eachother by rolling on the grass! YUCKyyy butt fUN

It was soo much fun.........great great dayy.....

Long showerr..becasue we really needed to!! haha! but it was all worth it!! :) :)

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I love you all <3