Swimming ♥

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27th-july-2010 ♥

Went swimming with Anuja, Pooja, Clarrisa, Alwin, Basil, and Gemma! Had a good time, learnt how to trust on myself....learnt floating on my backk..Woop..after like hundread goes!
Saw the babies session on the other side..all the mums with their baby. there was only one baby with his/her dad. Awww the dad was struggling hard and maybe feekling out of place..but how cute...he did it for his baby..! :) gd timesss!

Went swimming the next day with Miggi, Clarrissa, Pooja and Tafadzwa.
Haha bless taffie it was her first time and she was sscare dto get into the pool but we all helped her out...! :) good timess good times! :P

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I love you all <3