A beautiful Day with Pooja, Ann and Aagi!

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26th-july-2010 ♥

Me and Pooja went around Ann's house today. On the wayy we fed the ducks awwwwwwwww so many lil phak phak phak chicken like ducks and this lil duck couldn't eat becasue she wasn't fast enough althougth me and Pooja tried our best to feed her she only got one piece of bread! :(

Ann's mum was home, we all tlaked for a while and then Ann took us to St nicks park. We saw Leys Primary school, all the old memories came alive, I remembered all my old friends, Georgina Bray, Rebecca cheeseman, Katie Kelly, Emine Yeter, Carrie beadle, Elizabeth and Olwena nd manyy more. I saw the playground for reception kiddies...and remembered how i used to be the friendship buddy...chasing after them and playing silly little games with them. I also saw an apple tree in the school with lots of yummy red apples but the gate was closed so we couldn't attack it..haha! Also saw a beautiful beautifull Cherry tree! YUMMYY!!

Then we went to the park...which was completely changed..new things were added to it like zip wire...had sooo much fun especially when Aagi Jacob joined us. We took pictures and played games. Also saw Havi there who seemed have gone taller than me :( lol.
We wnet back to Annyy baby's house.saw lil fishyys and then later had a Mehndi session. It turned out to be beautiful and i did it for Aagi's hand too --> stupid girl doesn't sit still ahahhaah lol ! I love her really ..she's soo much funt o ahng around with even thought she's wonly in yr 8! ♥
Check out the picturess...

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I love you all <3