A usual Sunday!

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Today woke up at 5:45 in the morning to go jogging at Fairlands with Pooja and Anuja. We jogged to the small park and then decided to walk up to the big park. It was soo quite and nice.....cold breeze, birdss, the sound of water, quiet play area. We thought we won't go inside but ended up going on everything! Climed the big rocket thingy by stepping on pebbles.....Trickky! Went on various other things including my fav swing, where we all took turns on pushing eachother. Had a gd time...all the tiredness flew away!

And guess what i did after...ate leftover pizza from yesterdayy! :| hahaha and to add to this..i went to sleep! :) lol
Woke up. Got ready for CHoi kwan doi....had a laugh with Thania, Pooja and Anisha (the brownies). It was a intense lesson since we are red belt now the instructors keep on telling us that we need to work even more harder now! :| :P
This really amazing thing Thania belives in that at exactly 10:11 am at CHK, all the wishes that u ask for comes true..hahaha so me and her make a wish every lesson! SADOOS but yh...i kinda beleive in it too now!

Came back from Martial Arts, the house smelt of curry...(mum made chicken curry and rice ;) )
We had food before we started getting ready for TT coaching at Hitchin!

Went there i palyed with Barney the whole of two and a half hours! fun but he couldn't be asked today as it was soo hot.....and tiring! Worked out good there thol! (Y) yay!

Came back and planned that we will make Milkshake but it got postponed till tommrow as we didn't have enough ice-creame left! because guess who ate all of it during exam time! hahhaa oh well!

Then we went table tennis at Bedwell, 'Loud' peopel came hahaha, it was sooo soo HOT but fun!...Won the first two games and lost the 3rd and then nearllyy nearlly won the last two!
Pooja didn't feel very well so we decided to come back home early but only 15 minutes early! :)
[Won against Romaine today ...yayy! ]

we joined our cute lil family to watch the ending of the World Cup 2010! i think i liked wathcing it! The way Spain struggled all the way was amazingg...it was like a war!
I actually learnt quite a lot about the game today and found it quite interesting! Every member of the team worked together as a groupp and got it in the end! I just loved the the way they all jumped on eachother and hugged!! awww

Andrés Iniesta: the man of the Match! :)

Football is like life, it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.

hhahah <--- BOYS! :|

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I love you all <3