Beautiful Flashbacks

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Had our last Dance rehearsal in our pretty Bengali saris at Thania's! Had so much fun, we painted our nails and tried on all the jeweleries and bangles and did our hair! Then later we all attacked eachother with face painting..and took pictures of us as ninjas in karate pose..haha! we did other weird random mental poses! then we had tastyy food made by her mum! everthing she makes is soo yummy! Rahima aunty is full of energy, she makes everything seem more exciting and always up for giving us a lift, cooking us delcious food and sorting out all the costumes and etcc. I
love her! :)

We all worked so hard for the dance....and had so much fun at Thania and Anisha's house during th whole course...remembered all those old memories of us spending time together of when we had sleepovers, parties, other dances and usual get together!
This time the house seemed similar but much more livelier as lil Diya was in the family was not us 4 anymore it is Us 5 now! :)
She's delightful ...she will make your dayy!! cutest cutest thing everr!! My lilll bacteriaaa forr lifee!!! Adorable lil soul...alwayss coming in the way when we are dancing lol and running to each of us to give us a hugs and kisses and taking all our tiredness away!! As Thania said she's the sunshine of the house no matter if the sun is out or not...she makes everything seem brighterr. lol and her lil activities like sitting and facing the wall and watching her fav baby shows soo seriously! lol

aww i will always alwayss tresure all the memoriess from this house because everytime i went there it felt as if it was my own!

I had an amazing dayy today! :)

Went town with Taffie in the morning...that was fun too! we basically went to nearly every shop loking for a!

Soo tired now! Good night Blooggyyyy bloogyyy! =] lol

I love you Palak Sharma! hahahaha

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I love you all <3