School! 3-09-2010

by - 12:51

Atcually realised how it would feel without all of my friends ...and it felt BAD!
Me and Ashlyn walked to school and this bike came to behind us..i turned around thinking it Mikey trying to scare me as usual..but this time it wasn't was some other year 12 guy! I started to get the idea how the day is going to be like!

Missed my form soo much..but I liked the fact that my form tutor was Mrs Akrill ♥ !
At break time and Lunchtime..I missed Revashnee, Taffie and ADelyn soo much! Also when I went to chemistry to wait for Flora, I broke seeing new people doing what our clas learnt once!

:'( horrible day! but heyy beautiful days would come sooon!! ♥

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I love you all <3