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Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a day and what a match it was!! Sadly i had work in the morning so i couldn't see India fielding, however when i got back I joined in with my sister and DAD!
Sri Lanka did set us a tough goal, and it seemed as INDIA might not be able to meet it, but the shots by Dhoni and other lot just made it all possible!

My indian friends on FB were all watching the match and updating statuses to cheer up for INDIA! Everything was so good! Me, Jesal, Naveen and other friends talked so much, nearly more than 400 comments on eachothers wall! : D
A day before the match me and my best friend, Revashnee got together and painted out face with indian flag! WHAT FUN!

The second half was so tensive, but we didn't give up! Some excellent effort from INDIAN team allowed us to win in the end! Me and Pooja screamed like hell when we won! The FB statuses changed rapidly, congratulating each other on the victory!!!!

There are people who try to fight for little states they belong to! People should understand that it's the whole team as "Team INDIA" who went out there to win!
I saw the FB status updates and there are people saying things about one person and saying that "make this state proud" !
I think they should understand that if any of the players do good, it will make everyone proud and not that one particular state that the player belongs too!

A Chandigarh lad, a Jharkhand captain and a Delhi boy won the world cup for us and dedicated it to a Marathi legend. Regional hatred has failed.

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I love you all <3