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WOke up in the morning, decided not to go martial arts! Instead helped my mother cook!
I made chicken tikka, which went horribly wrong so had to fix it!! thanks to Vah re vah YT video!! haha! I also made raita, Broccli mash (didn't look so nice haha), and chicken pepper (whie sauce)!
Harwinder and Ashlyn's family and Reevashnee were coming around later for dinner! : D
Me and Pooja had coaching with John int he afternoon, so we went there! We found out he couldn't make it for some reason, However Roger made us do intense coaching, which was good! I felt so unfit though, as i stopped jogging for a while, i should really get back in action!!!

In the evening, Havi and Revashnee came! We watched Source code!! A great movie! We had a good time
Had dinner, that's when ashlyn came and her parents were going to be late for some reason! :S
Overall, a great evening!! People loved the curry in the end (well they had to, can't say it's bad in my face HAHA! ) :P :P

Everyone loved our new house, LOl took us ages to sort everything out! :)
Havi said he missed our old house awwwwwww!! I miss it too, our tonnes and tonnes of memories are locked in that house! :')
Havi's taller than me now :O :O, just hit me how time flies! The good times us brother and sister had will never be forgetten! :)

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I love you all <3