by - 01:28

♥Good day!
Went to watch Hangover 2 with Dion♥ !!
Such a funny movie!! Boys are soo stupid and weird LOL So messed up! HAHA

Happy that I am lil Indian girl!! :D

It's amazing how me and one of my best friend, Dion meet up after such long gaps and still feel so comfortable with eachother! Never run out of talks and Whenever we meet, we laugh so much!
I wanna thnak God for giving me such special "buddies" in life!

On the other hand, i didn't do any biology, like i planned to ! :|

Oh well, The sun will come out tommrow! :P :P

Good night peeople (of anyone actually reads this rubbish) Hehe

Palk reads it!! :P ♥


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I love you all <3