Saturday 28/05/2011

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Work in the morning, I worked so much this week!
Radeep's on holiday so I only work two days next week! Yes!
We watched chandragupt today, it was a episode when chandragupt had to jump off a huge cliff to show and prove that he is capable of having that special armour. This task was to test his courage, and believe in the goal!! The map man said to him that he would have to die to reach his goal and prove his abilities! 
I think it showed how life takes little test and we shouldnt be afraid of them. Instead take the challenges, sometimes believe in things and look out those little clues that might help us reach our goal ( opportunities) !

I marked the Biology paper, got 45 out of 90! Now that's some really bad score! I gotta improve and learn my list!!

Doing C4 integration!! Fun, aren't I lucky! :)

10 more questions, and I go to sleep! :/

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I love you all <3