Sunday 15/05/2011

by - 00:51

It was a pretty good day!
We went choi kwan doi, in the morning, which was refreshing way to start the day, although me and Thania mostly chatted away!
Came back then , went to the old house to help ma and pa with cleaning.
Came back and watched pretty woman, well skimmed through it!! What a beautiful movie, made my day!
Then read few pages of bio revision guide, cooked mashed potatoes for everyone and we all had Lunch rather late as me and mum had to wait for Pooja and papa to get back from TT coaching.
Then sat down to do some D1 and then did a physics paper for homework.
Just now, I am trying to plan this month out! :S Haha
So worried about D1, gotta get those past papers done!!

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I love you all <3