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When I said all my exam have finished I meant all the Important once, I got physics left and its on Monday!! :/
All these past few weeks been so hectic and I've mostly been revising day and night! All through this, one of my best friend, Amandi, has been Texting me all the time. We text in the morning when we started revision till  3 or 4 in the morning when we went to sleep.

It made revision bit better lol
It's great how when one of us went down, the other motivated and helped! :)
I will always remember these lil 'fun' time in between revisions, the times when we both gave up and times when we both said, YES we will get our grades, Cmon!!
There were other weird crazy times about how we could just run away to nowhere and open a coffee shop or drink bleach rather than learn how phosphofructokinase catalyses the pump-priming reaction during respiration!! Haha, looks like we chose the second option!!!
She has her last exam, chemistry, tommrow!! Lucky chicken! I did tell her that I want texts from her, the whole weekend!!!

Four more days, I am actually taking physics seriously for once!! :) wooppppp

Something about the sunshine baby!!! Summer 2011 I am comingggg!! :D so just hold on! ;)

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I love you all <3