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The Sharma family woke up at 5 in the morning! we all set up to go fairlands for jogging! Sat in the car, lol DAD was obviously driving! He drove us all sround bedwell, basically couldn't find a space anywhere to park, even though there was plaenty was space, but as we know my dad is soo picky when it comes to his car and parking lol!
It was so funny though, stupid jokes that me and pooja were coming up with about how the Sharma's jog in the car!! LOL ANywyas in the end we did find a space and we jogged for ages! It was the perfect weather! Ma and pa picked few freen apples from the tree! :P yum

We cmae back home, i went to sleep! WOke up later, when Pooja ca,me back from volunteering work and bough Indian maggi noodles!! HAHA ended uop eating and putting ont he weight i lost in the morning, but HEY it was MAGGI, it was totally worth it! ;)

Tried to learn the guitar, it soo hard!! :O

Went to work, So hectic as they are refitting the shop atm! :| HAd to do two deliveries, it was fine!! We gave Radeep and Taf lift to the town center!

Had Dinner, i ate too much! :|
Then we had Sharma time, we watched zokkomon, Good movie few things can be improved! I reckon these kind of movies should really do well in India, but it doesn't!! :\

Anyways, tommrow i need to sort out Havi's and Thania's pictures for the present i am making for them! :)


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I love you all <3