At work :)

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Forgot to mention some of the things that happened this week at work!

Saw this cutest baby everrrr, he was only 2!!!!! He was looking at the men who were builind the shop! He was like "mum look Dilil" (drill) lol and "he has hammer" "look mum! the kitchen"
So curius about everything, his eyes checked every corner of the shop!!
His mother went, "oh you could have brought your drill and hammer and helped the men out yh?" (refering to the toys he probably has)
He Looked up at her seriously and went "Yeah" hhaa soo cutee!!

And on the same day, Mr webster came in! (over 60 chap) Telling me about how he was ill all this week! :( Talking about all sorts of stuff! He looked at alex and then me and goes "you are def better looking" haha sooo cute! And as he walked out of the shop he said he will get better soon and take me out to dinner haha and told me not to tell his wife about this!!

Some people, who don't even have any connection or relation with me, just brighten up my day! SO thankful to GOD or whoever is out there, for letting such "special" people into my life!

: D

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I love you all <3