Life asusual 25/06/2011

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life is not complex - We are complex. Life is simple, & the simple thing is the right thing. Oscar Wilde

Can be so good at times, that it's hard to handle all the happiness and other times can be sad, upsetting or bit of both, mixed?
Sometimes I think, is this how I want to be in life, the way i am growing up, is that good enough? I get this "messed up" times when I think, the choices i made, for example about my uni, was that the right choice? the course i am doing is that right? I also think did I make the right choice by stepping back! Then people say sometimes you should step back in life!
I also wonder, was it because i didn't put my full effort into things that i ended up like this? Am i Happy? Do i regret?
Then I think yeah, if only it was so simple, it wouldn't have takn so long to make discoveries!
I think anyone can come up with the excuses to neglect the mistakes that they've made!
I guess one should just take life in a very simpel way, Just chill and unwind! Discover themselves!
I think the choices i made, for whatever reason that might be, I should stick to it, make it "special" for me and for everyone, instead of taking it in a negative way!
I think the life will be really easy, if I do the right thing at every stepping stone and keep going! take all the opportunities and just chill! I think so much!
Life is simple, if i make it simple for me!

I should look at the things I can do, the things I am good at! May this summer be so good for me and I hope I can get someting out of it, i really do!

Let's get planning PALAK, Remember to print July and August calender on Monday!!
:D HAHA , my heart is resting now! aww :P

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I love you all <3