Few things I learnt today

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From Sasural genda phool today:
1. In a family , sometimes you have to know other person's feeling, what's going in their mind and how they are. We should be able to figure out if they are in a problem or if they are upset without talking to them!

2. A mother, (or parent) would look after that child out of all the children they have, whom they think might be the weakest amongst all! Not because they love them the most but because they want to protect him/her. "hum ghar ke chath ko usi jagah stumph lagate hain jis hisse ka toot ke girne ka jayda darr hota hain" They would try to mend that part so that family can work together, stay together!

Awww made me cry, today's episode! I love badi Maa!

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I love you all <3