This week

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Sunita aunty and Priyanka's aunties family came around for dinner! I made shahi paneer in nandos style ! LOL dont ask, thet loved it though!
Went karate, We've been learning spinning kicks, makes me so dizzy!

I made a memory board for Thania and she loved it! :P :P
I secretly wanted to keep it but I made it for her so yeah!

On Tuesday, Revashnee and me went shopping, well Ree had to buy stuff for her holiday! :'( It was sad! It rained so hard, I made her noodles and we danced on random songs. ALso went out in the rain, because we are jsut crazy like that! It was an awsome weather, had work later though...which was good!

Wednesday, I made a start on my top! Karate was fun!

Today I went to the leisure center to play batminton with elizabeth, Carrie and Stuti! Me and E lost badly but it was soooo much fun! We basically laughed for the whole hour!
Later had work, it rained so badly, my feet were wet. Good thing I had spare shoes with me!

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I love you all <3