Saturday 30-10-2011 Get together at Sunita's Auntys House

by - 01:37

Day was so tiring, even though I woke up later than usual! Had electricians around from 8 till 3:30ish! Mostly worked the whole day, went through Ph and Buffers Wooo! Had a nap for two hours, then helped mum in the kitchen! I made raita and had to fry soooo many puris! We were late to the party :P
I was quite pleased to see Sanchit and Garima there, both setteled down well at uni! :)
We all had yum food, Oh yes I was sooo hungry, so had like so much that I couldn't move after! :P
Then we played loads of games, which was so much fun! A goodd dayyy! :)

And this weeks been fun tooo, lectures are jokes, though I think I should be more serious and concentrate! Dancing is going soo well, got contemporary rehearsals tommrow from 4 till 6:30 ! :P Need to make sure I do work in the morning, after Karate ofcourse! :P

Nightttttttttttttt (if anyone actually reads this crap! HAHA) xxxxxx

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I love you all <3