A busy Saturdayyy 13/11/2011

by - 01:55

Got up quite early, electricians were around to fix something! Did some work in the morning (anatomy and CVS), then me and dad cooked and we ate! Went paper round, came back! Made milk ice cream, then had to go to the town library to return some books! Came back, did some more work and then prepared spices for butter chicken, which was a complete waste of time as dad got turkey instead! :S LOL so it turned out to be butter turkey ! hahah tasted nice though!
Went to pick up Pooja from table tennis, had to wait for her for over an hour as the they were running late! Came back had dinner and then had this funniesttt chat with Jay! hahahahah still LOLINGG!

Need to work tomorrow, although I have dance rehearsals, karate and need to do tt results and also might go driving with dad!

But yeah anatomy of the heart tommrow! :) Nighttttt Palak Sharmaaaaaaaaaaaaa xx <3

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I love you all <3