09/12/2011 Fridayyy

by - 22:52

Got up late, was late to the CMB lecture ! Saw this coolest train ever, it was very old looking, posh train!and Guess what, I took a picture of it! Will upload it tomorrow
Sabah, Me and Brems were suppose to go Christmas Disco tonight, but we decided not to in the end! Longg Story lol! :) We pinky promised that we would go to the next Disco for suree! :)

Bare jokes with Sabah in the last lecture as always! Some people complained after that we talk too much! :P Was suppose to buy mutton role, but we postponed the plan till Monday, because of a reason (can't write here LOL)
And the last lecturer was Asian so I got to Sabah "She's related to Jay" hahahah and she believed me!! Later when we got out, she asked Jay! hahahaha so Funnyyy! He got so annoyed!

What else! Got the train back home with JATINDER SAMRA! so funny, found few people on the train! had to get out because of some reason (can't write here) ! We got out twice and once we attempted to get to the front carriage so we can get seats, but FAILED badly!! Had to get the next train at Oval because we missed it hahaha! Also felt sick for some reason, maybe because I was hungry!
Funniest thing was when they announced "This train terminates at Edgeware" and Jay goes, so "Where is Edgeware on the line! " loool Sillyy boy! Then he offered this elderly lady a seat and later he was on about how that lady didn't thank him hahahaah

Had Sharma Family time later, food was nice! Plan to make chilli paneer tomorrow and got paper round to do, and need to get loads of work done! I should organise everything tomorrow! :)

Cheekyyy was soo cute today! :) and myy plants look so cute now that I found that comic (look below)

What elsee!! Yes, Need to WORKKK TOMORROW! no matter what!

Going to sleep now!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WORLD! x

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I love you all <3