The London Underground

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By Commuting, I see hundreds of people at the underground everyday! People of different age, personality and looks (people with rare hairstyles, some with tattoos and piercings!) You would find all sorts of people there! Everyday, you see a different situation, discover a new story for example once I met two really cute old couple going to the hospital. She told me all about her husband getting admitted to the hospital! Then one day some kids were on a trip to some place! The joy on their face and fun they were having on the train! lol I have met frustrated mother with their baby and buggy, busy serious men and women, University students, women doing makeup whilst on the train, girls talking about their boys and crushes, women moaning about life, people discussing work and business and one day this cutest baby was travelling with us and the tired from work, unhappy people suddenly started smiling because of the baby pointing at random people and enjoying himself! You would find, fatest people and also models walking around! The different variety of people you see everyday is amazing! you hear, Yawns, moans, cough, people sneezing and sleeping! People still somehow manage to read books, newspaper while standing on the busy, crowded northern line! It's amazing how everyone looks after everyone (apart from few rude ones) Everyone knows they have to travel everyday and therefore it's important that they maintain this connection with everyone! It's this weird relationship, where people don't get angry if they get pushed slightly,they forgive and request! They are there to help a lady with heavy suitcase or a mother with a buggy! People offer seats to pregnant, old people and somehow everyone manages the everyday problem so beautifully!
It just makes me feel so good to be part of this busyy, complex world! For the past few months, I have seen so many different types of people, with good and bad qualities , some disabled and ill , rich and not so rich people! Tired people, happy people, sad people etc etc!

It's just been a great experience so far! Just want to Thank the Northern Line for putting up with my moods everyday! I've had bad, stressy and Happy days :)
I want to thank God or whoever for introducing me to some great people whilst travelling on the train, who made my day good! I don't know their names or what they do but some kind bond were created between us for that moment in time! I might never ever see them again, but their talks and kind gestures did make me smile, even if it was for a second!


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I love you all <3