Sunday 4th december 2011

by - 23:39

An alright day!
Did a lot of anatomy and started CMB1
Had karate in the morning
We let Cheeky out of the cage for a while and she try to escape through the window and and didn't realise it was closed and banged her head hard! :\ Her nostrils (nares) were bleeding :\
Pooja gave her extra treat, think she's fine, well I hope so!

Feel sad for some reason! :(! Think I'm worried about the exams! I need to stop other people hurting me! I need to be stronger! :) Also need to believe in myself and work and have a goal!

Anyways, food wise (lol) Pooja made Shepard's pie, which was yum! :)

Going to do some more work, probably till 12:30 then go to sleep!

Hope this week goes well! :) I need all the positive vibes right now!

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I love you all <3