Wednesday 28/12/2011

by - 22:47

Woke up late as usual!
did get quite a lot done today! :\ need to stop getting distracted! Now that I don't have fb, i get distracted by other things! :(
Later went jogging, which was a bad idea because it was absolutely freezing outside! Came home, did like few sit ups! :( So lazyyyyyy these days!
yeah showered, ate, now just trying to get some work done!
No karate till next year now, wooppp! I miss T, Anisha and the lil one though! Saw her the other day in town (26th boxing day) with massive shopping bags haha typical! :P She said she's gonna do another round to new look again, I should tooo, such a massive SALE! KMT tough being an asian! Kmt= reminds me, Jay's birthday today!

What elsee....ermm I LOVE YOU BABY AND IF ITS QUITE ALRIGHT I NEED YOU BABY, TO WARM THE LONELY NIGHTS I NEED YOU BABYYYY TRUST IN ME WHEN I SAYYYYY OHH PRETTY BABYYY hahahah (8) awww goooood timess in those chemistry lessons! :P Been a while since I've seen this movie!

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I love you all <3