21st and 22nd January 2011

by - 11:03

Saturday had electricians around! :( had to get up at 8 and then went to the library at 10. Stayed there till like 2ish, managed to do quite a lot! Still got cardiac muscles to go through !! :( need to start remembering stuff, like EVERYTHING!
and today they are around again lol, I might go to the library at 2 (when it opens) and at the moment I'm doing receptor transduction woooop go stunning fish, you're such "mepps" and omg the new song, "abhi mujhe mein kahin" from agneepath is soo good like soo sooo sooo soo good! ANYWAYSSSS....

I need to do quite a lot today, any how! so yeah 3...2....1...GO!

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I love you all <3