A adventurous Saturday with Alooo 29/01/2012

by - 23:09

ok maybe not that adventures but we both went into Uni to revise, and had such a good time! We finished two huge pharmacology lectures (doesn't sound much, but trust it was two huge topics)! Literally spend the whole day revising and memorised everything, every single drugs and all the other stuff!
Went to tooting town to find Pizaa hut hahah , which was no where to be found (we didn't know Pizza hut didn't exist in tooting) so yeah, me and Sabah went around asking random people on the streets and it was soo funny! This girl completely blanked us, such AWKWARD timess! Anyways we found a pizza place, ordered a take away and while we were waiting, tested each other on Phamarcology ofcourse!! hahah It was soo goood!
Then we went back to uni, did more work, had a good laugh, attempted to get into the library by one ID, just for the thrills and pushed each other around on a broken chair along the empty corridors! soooo FUN!

A good day! :)

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I love you all <3