late update: Saturday 4th February 2012 with Sabah and Numan

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Last Saturday me and aloo decided to go uni again and as usual planned to COVER EVERYTHING! (we both knew it wasn't possible) we did cover quite a lot though, I think hormones, alim and other stuff! Numan joined us half way through the day.
We went to chick's hut (Numan's second home) haha jokking. so yeah we had pizza, did more work! Got laughed at by some senior boys (they always laugh at us all the time, we never figured out why :S)!
Then we went on the broken chair weeeeeeeeeeee lol Numan looked shocked when I told him to push me on it ahahaha but in the end he did and had a go on it too loool I even took a video of it, hilarious hahahah! But nothing worse than him singing bolly songs on the street! :O :O and on the TUBEE!

Sabah and me skyped the whole week! No actually we started with millions of text msges then went onto sending eachother tonnes of email and in the end decided that we had to talk to eachother so ended up skyping! :D
I was so scared the day before the exam, think we over stressed ourselves, the exam wasn't too bad, but can't say anything!!! I did guess stuff so yeah!! :\ :\ :\

Anyways here are picturess of our semester one revison timess. :'( aahh it's over already!
UNI STARTS THIS WEEK, ON WEDNESDAY! :( seriosuly they give us no breaks in life!

Aloo, Bremla and me have decided to plan semester two out preperly so never have to be in this sort of situation ever again!! woo sooo exciting! :)

That's Numan really wanting to go on it! hahaahah

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I love you all <3