02/03/2012 Cinema with Sabah and Numan

by - 02:28

All of a sudden, like randomly during the day we planned to go cinema lool! :S BREMLA DIDN@T COME THOUGH!! :( if you are reading this, we missed you soooo much!
So after uni, took the bus to Wandsworth lool had such an interesting conversation about uni and people, it was SHOCKING!
We were meant to watch tere naal loveeee ho gaya, but stupid place showed it at 9!!! like why would they do THAT?? anyways so we ended up watching The vows , so BORING and weird! (poor Numan agreed to watch it with us)
Channing Tatum was good though! How pretty does one would want to get man?

yeahh anyways moving on lol Sabaha and Numan amde me sit in between them and so i had to hold the popcorn and I accidentlly dropped it!! :O lool and then me and aloo couldnt stop laughing! Through out the whole thing we were dieing haha even laughed at sad scenes. Numan was like "shhhh" like the whole time! hahaha and in the end he goes "palak never going cinema with you ever again" HAHAHAH!

Got home really late again, so bad, I need to fix everything! Like I've been spending too much money to have fun (even if it's just on food) I need to have control!

Such a funny day though! A good day too, I loved all the lectures (maybe because it was all on Pharm).

believe it or not it's Popcorn

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I love you all <3