13-03-2012 Uni and Family meal

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A good day! Had a lecture in the morning, but didn't underdstand a thing because the slides were missing! :s I hate it when the slides are not there and I can't concentrate because i can't make notes on anything! then had tutorial, It wasss soooooooo good! I asked so many questions (usually I don't) but I think it's good that I am now. I understood everything and Professor Rutherford gave us extra information which made a lot of sense. Basically I loved it!

After it was sooooooooooooo much fun, we played Antakshri! Lol So funny we started it off with like few people and then as people were passing by , we made them join us and eneded up in huge groups! Me and aloo in the same group with Juhi, Prathvi, Sunanda etc and on the other team Neha, Anusha, Rohan, Nimesh, Priya etc
(I had to leave because of a practical, but apparently we WON lol )
I had such a good time, we were so LOUD and coming up with such oldd songs LOL proper fresh! "aja meri "bulbul" tera intezaar hai" hahahahhahaahah OMG i died!
and all the older years passing by were laughing at us lool haha

Had practical, it was meant to be me and Nimisha doing it together but somehow ended up working with Rohan and Nimesh in a group of four! and as expected me and Nimesh ended up doing the whole experiment (allow Nimisha though, poor girl was ill :()
Yeah but Rohan ji was sitting at all time, singing songs looool hhahaa, it was funny though! He's a entertainer.

Then after I went with Squid to play table tennis. Great game with Ahmed and Shriram. Sadly didn't get to play Squidy and Hardeep. Chilled with Anusha and Nabila.

Went Hanuman Chalisa at 5:30ish with Juhii, hahah finding the praying room was some task! lol We said a lot of mantras before the chalisa, which was really good, it felt amazing!

Then we went to the family meal(Aaron (papa),Anusha, Karishma, Natasha, Devika, Rimple, Nabila, Thanusyan, Rashanth, Jagunath), which was jokes! Met Devika finally, I thought it would be awkward but She's just soooo nice! Had a really great night and it was soo funny! I sat between Devika and Anusha, we couldn't stop laughing at Aaron's expressions hahah The waiter was soo funny, but bless him, God knows how many different kind of people they have to deal with everyday.
Didn't like the food as much but defo had a splendid time.

Got home really late however, chilled with mum and dad before hitting the sack. I love them so much!!

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I love you all <3