15-03-2012 Small things make big differences - Cake Sale !

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The day was Awesome!!
Dad took a day off work so gave me lift to the station, yayy!! :D
So that was a good start and as soon as I got to the station the train arrived ( I love it when this happens - hate waiting)
Got to uni quite early, didn't have to rush or anything.
Then the first lecture got CANCELLED! lool (Like seriously, the day was only getting better)
So me and Aloo went Sainsburys to buy cakes for the charity cake sale. Decided to pick some dry leaves on the way back to uni loool (hahahah while people were giving us weird looks) - Sabah was against this, but I thoguht of using it for decoration looool Dumpy times! :S

So went up to the base rooms, decorated the cakes while talked about all sorts of issues! :D ( the cakes looked GREAT!! )
Went back down to join rest of the crew and helped out with selling everything for two hours.
Then had two boring lectures :\

Then had some Awks times as usual! lol then Met up with Numan and we went up to base rooms to do some serious work. loooooool but OMGG when we were on the lift looooooooooooooooooooooooooool Basically i said something really stupid to some random dude and realised that it was kinda rude! (well he had his hand out of the lift, preventing the doors from closing. So I went "Move your hands in" ) HOW RUDEEEE AM I!! But omg me and aloo couldnt stop laughing! Got to the base rooms and NO JOKE, we laughed for at least 20 minutes!!! while Numan Hameed was sitting there with serious face ignoring us looool (typical he lets us get on with our usual laughing business).

After on the way back to the station we made plans to explore tooting shops for a present for one of our friends who's getting married! Every jewellery shop we went to, we had problems with opening the doors looooooooool immensely embarrassing and awkward!
Got few ideas of what we can get her. We went to few Chinese food place where they give a piece of chicken to taste hahaha omg so we went there casually pretending to buy some and got to taste the chikcen for free! Cheap much! I knoww lool but we actually went for the thrills! :P

oh yeah Aloo stepped on something really yuckyyyy :\ hahahah sorry had to mention this!

Anyways here are the pictures of our cake sale stall! :)

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  1. Noooo need to erase that memory about stepping in that yucky thing! lesson learnt: look at where im walkin especially in tooting!

  2. loooooooooooooll hahahah so funny!! <3 Ily


I love you all <3