16-03-2012 A family I saw on the train!

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Didn't go to the first lecture, but made it just in time for the second one!
I really liked the lecture on Enzymes :D however hated the last two tutorials :'(
went to "Jummah" a muslim thing with sabah and Brems, learnt few things! Amazing stuff!
Went out to tooting again with guess who?? YES you are right, it's Sabaha and Numan again lol (does anyone even read my blog, Does anyonme even care?? lool) yeah so we found this really pretty chudidaar for Jannath and bangle set.
Bought chinese chicken for the family. Got home really late as I bought off peak ticket :\ Numan stayed behind with me. We found Kamran on the way back to uni from tooting town centre. Got home at like 8:30ishh :\ My train got delayed by 25 mins or something :( but omg met this beautiful family on the train, Granma, granpa with a couple and their two kids. They were going on holiday, looking so happy! Aww I miss Babaji :( I miss those old times when the whole family lived together in cable town!! I miss the huge mango tree and the aagan where i used to play. That smell of fresh plants and Jasmine tree (you can't get that smell anywhere else - it's AMAZING). How we used to have a family meeting and I would wake up after a nap and dance around while everyone is talking and mum would feed me fried machali with plain rice!! I would take a bite and then run around and then go back to her so she can feed me again :'( That attention I used to get by everyone (JP chachu, Chachi, Mousaji/chachu, Massi/Choti chachi, babaji, Maa, Chote babaji and Badi dadi (eeya)). I remember the folding green chairs we used to have, and the naali loool Yeah I clearly remember the sound of the water (that place is just sooo fresh), I remember little holes that ants made in the corner of the aangan, the sound of the "chingur" at dawn, The dosa wala making that "tum tum" sound. The blue door at the back, which lead into a foresty area, the countless guests coming around at all times, me wearing a saari and sitting outside with babaji, babaji's stick, Maaji's Saaris <3, that slope by the gate and arghh I can go on and on and on but the point is I miss it all and I know that time will never ever come back! SAD TIMES! :( It's important that i live my life to the fullest now and make sooo many beautiful memories so when i look back in 900 years time, I can say, Yeah I wanna go back in time and live once again!
I MISS YOU BABAJIII!!! LIKE SOOOOOOO MUCH! Hope you are happy wherever you are and your Twinkle LOVES YOUUUU SOO MUCH!
If everyone goes to heaven, I would like to meet you someday and regenerate our family up there and live our life all over again :'( I just don't know why I miss you so much tonight! I regret not spending that much time with you during your last couple of years, I didn't realise then that you will be gone forever :(
If only I didn't go out to play with friends and stayed by your side. I hope you are near me and understand how much I miss you and what a great man you were. I'm truly sorry for every time I didn't go to you when you called me (because sitting with you for long was boring (I was such a stupid child not aware of anything)). I will not let this re occur with mummy and papa. Family will always and ALWAYS come before everything else. I just MISS YOU ok! :(

Picture of Me and Babaji

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I love you all <3