29-02-2012 Mandir

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Didn't have uni, but me and Bremla went to Wembley Temple with the Hindu soc! (oh and we went Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday lol me and Rabbit decided that we will go every Tuesday woo)
Anyways me and Brems decided to go by ourselves so we headed off to the wembley central and we had to change trains twice because it terminated before the destination every time hahaa!
We still got there really early before the other people, so wondered around Wembley (lil India I swear)! There were so many asian shops of asian clothes (such pretty Sareees - I wanted to buy everything). Took photos of a fruit shop looool
Then after hours of waiting the group finally arrived, Kishen texted us to delay the Mandir tour and so we had it quite late! Basically this guy (i think Pandit ji) answered loads of questions! It was really interesting! He was such a nice person!

I liked what he said about how it's important to have politics and how killing is also necessary sometimes! (Reminds me about the news I read about the 15 year old African child, got tortured for five days after getting killed by his parents because they thought he was a witch) :S people like these parents should be KILLED! i am sorry but this is absolutely DISGUSTING AND SO ARGHH don't have words for how UGLY THEIR THOUGHT WAS!

Anyways back to the point , he talked about loads of things! like other religions and how all of them are to guide us in the right way! (reminds me about Abdul qadir recommended by Numan, was really good drama)

Yeah so we went around the Mandir, it was sooooooooo pretty! Like the architecture and the carved patterns on the stone walls were done by hands, apparently it told the stories of Mahabharata, Ramayana, Shrimad Bhagvatam etc. I just loved the peaceful environment, it was soo quiet and so relaxing! I would defo want to go there again!

oh yeah after Kishen (C12) and Suraj (my GPs)left to go halls and all of us first years me, Bremla, Masha, Prathvi, Nisha, Neha, Trishan, Rohan, Nimesh and Arjun went to "maro bhajia" loooool Tried bhajias (gujju stuff) for the first time, it was yum, couldnt finish it though so had to get it packed!
Me and Nish talked in hindi on the way back home on the train ahahah

A really good day!

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I love you all <3