3-03-2012 made magic sweetcorn!

by - 02:39

Me and Poojiiee cooked! woop

I made magic sweetcorn (turned out to be soo tasty somehow but I didn't make enough lol)
Pooja made jacket potatoes with beans/cheese and gravy! Also made flapjacks, wasn't too great! :\

Felt so weird today, everyone got their results, I'm still waiting for mine!
arghh I don't know, just want to be alone for a while, like cba with socialising etc!
Sometimes I feel why can't everyone like the song I like and feel the way I am?

so scaryy to think I am all by myself in this world! I am ME and I need to handle everything, I need to live and stay alive, no one else can control if i get ill or not! lol Do I make any sense?

I need to sort my Life out! woooo

It will be all good in the end, hopefully!

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I love you all <3