Simply Happy! 22-03-12

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A baby doesn't even know what's happening! lol like everyday I see babies in buggies taken around by their mother! The babies are not aware of the world, people, enviroment..or anything! They are just made to go anywhere by their family/ mother.
They are just so happy, engaged with the surroundings and busy glaring at something or finding something so simple so amusing! There's SOOOO much trust involved, they would go wherever their mums are going! They know if they stay with mum they are safe! they know that she would not let him or her be unhappy.
For example if a rich woman goes and helps a poor child, that child may get happy for a while! might play with new toys, eat different food given by the rich woman etc but at the end of the day he would return to his real mother. A child's heart is so pure, that it gets excited by little things (e.g. sweets) but they would not be able to live with their family for long no matter how much one persuades them by giving them materialistic stuff. (unless the parents are complete stupid and immature :\)
I find this so amazing that the baby has this connection with thier mother and trust her so much! He doesn't even know where the his mother is for example, if the mother is going to commit suicide, the baby is not aware of it but still goes with her rather than staying with someone else! Am I even making any sense!
What I want to say is that the first priority of a child is to be with his mother or father! If they are not there, it's NOT right! If they are there and even if they are doing something wrong, the baby would still want to be with his mum!
LOOOOOL ok I just wrote total garbbage, I mean it's common sense, the babies don't have brains of their own so obviously they would just want to be with his/her mother!

A family is so important! end off! :)

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I love you all <3