Monday 19-03-2012 and Tuesday 20-03-2012

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Went anatomy, then later went tooting market to show sindhu the dress we selected for our friend's wedding. She really liked it and approved!
Later met Juhi and we had a looooooooooooooooooooong chat (a rather interesting one lol) finally caught up with everything! Then me and Sabah had some VERY awkward time as usual (can't say exactly what happened)! Anywaaays after, Sabah went home and so did Juhi I was all by myself. :( Thought I should do some work when I realised that I left my ID in the locker and couldn't get to the lockers without an ID or enter the library! Had to sit outside the library :( Felt sooo lonely for the first time! OMG MY FRIENDS ARE EVERYTHING! The university is a bad place without them and the BEST place with them! So basically My friends are everything!

Tuesday (last day before the Easter break)
Had lunch at Swarswathy Bhavan with Bremla, Sabah and Numan! Sara came in with Numan and I did persuade her to stay but she wasn't feeling too well so left and also she had to go home aswell!
Dosa was soo nice, had a good laugh lol! (We were meant to have Thali btw but aunty the curries this aunty was making, didn;t sound so convincing - Began and Sprouts) slightly yuck! lol

Anyways, after we played Table tennis and then went to finally buy the dress! Annette and Arafa came with us. Arafa even tried on the dress loool she looked beautiful.
Had few stressful time sorting out the money and ended up talking in Urdu/Hindi with them aunties at the shop!
Funniest when Numan went out to get money...
the aunty said : in Ladkiyon ne bhaga diya us ladke ko!! (LOOOOOOOL KMT)
The I was like nahi aunty woh paise lene gaya hai loool
Aunty: Accha tho woh pay karega!!
hahaha omg everyone was laughin, too funny!
Me and aloo even practised how we would sit on the wedding chair while we were waiting for the aunty to the bangle sets! hahaha fun times!

After went back to hindu soc, so sweet juhi waited for me! So bad we missed the hanuman chalisa but still made it in time for yum prasad and the speech by Jatin something! (so rude , I don't remember the full name)
I really liked his ideas, it wasn't like "God is everything" blah blah
He explained about two different types of hindus! I shall write about it soon, it was very interesting!

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I love you all <3