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was planning on writing something on this! being with all my awesome muslim friends at uni I feel I am closer to my religion ! like looking at them pray everytime reminds me: " Palak you have a religion" LOL
Like before I never thought about it, I never thought I was Hindu lol :S They made me realise how important it is! I am thankful to them!

Anyways, the Muslims are so good with religion, like at uni I have met so many Islamic people, from different countries and places, who have different cultures and languages but they have the same religion! At the end of the day they go to this one praying room and pray! The way they pray is same, the words they say is same! I think it's SOOO BEAUTIFUL! like the way they celebrate this similarity that they have, this understanding between them, the bonding is soo pretty!

Oh I also have a view against this! if religion is meant to be so pretty why does it divide us into groups?
Like on Tuesday when me and Brems went Hanuman Chalisa, Aloo couldn't go with us, simply because she was a muslim? I mean she goes to every place with me , like EVERY SINGLE PLACE IN UNI, we are together and when it comes to praying we get separated, this thought scares me a little but i think our friendship is strong and we have a good understanding lol so like how aloo would say "insha allah" our friendship will stay strong forever! :)

(why can't everyone be the same is the question to ask!!! lol)

Other day I went to Mandir and the pandit asked us how much time we spend with God, and we were all like 5 mins, some even said none! and he told us to at least spend 24 minutes for God!

Whereas no matter what happens the muslims will make out time to pray! like when me sabah and Numan went cinema, and it was time to pray lool
(slightly off the topic but too funny for not sharing, they asked me to ask this lady if there was a praying room anywhere, and she told me to go to a mosque HAHAHAHAHA)

yeah so it was time to pray and can you believe it, they prayed in the theatre! It was soo beautiful, both of them praying , not caring about the world or anyone but just thinking of someone so strong that keeps them so attracted to him (Allah). A pretty sight!, REALLY PRETTY!

I just think someone does exists out there and even if they don't, it's still nice to give up some time for that force or that science that created us and this absolutely beautiful world and gave us a loving family and relationships! Just to celebrate us being alive for five minutes everyday should is enough in my opinion!
I think I will increase the amount of time I spend praying! wooopp go mee!

oh and I gave up FB for lent, Let's see how that goes!

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I love you all <3