Saturday 24-03-2012

by - 14:22

Such a beautiful dayy, just wanna be out all day, but life is tough and I got to work.
-Booked a driving lesson for Tuesday
-went shopping with maa and paa, found some nice shoesss :P (Pooja had work)
-only finished a lecture yesterday :( soooooo bad
-starting work now, just need to concentrate now so I can enjoy my evening woo
-soaked tapioca, I am making sabudana pakora's in the evening wooo oh and Tapioca corn pudding aswell YUMM ! Don't ask why I am in love with Tapioca atm! :S

This day has to be good, just got to work now, atleast finish a lecture by 4ish!


Mum tooka picture of me! :)

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I love you all <3