Sunday 04-03-2012

by - 15:10

Went karate in the morning, Anisha was ill :(. Good times with T and Pooja. The bird made us work really hard though, getting better at the patterns woo
It was raining so hard in the morning and now it's "kinda" snowing. Just finished doing the table tennis results for this week! some teams are so rubbish at sending their scorecards, getting on my nerves! Taking me too long , not gonna take this responsibility next year!

anyways, in a really weird mood, listening to old hindi songs! when I say old I MEAN REALLY OLD! I am weird like that lool

yeah and doing Anatomy atm wooo Thorax III. Need to finish atleast one lecture tonight!

oh and this sonngg, soooo good!


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I love you all <3