Sunday 18-03-2012 Update

by - 23:00

Went Karate in the morning! Maa made fish curry and rice lol just like she used to in cable town! :'( It's the best and I only like fish curry made by my mum!
Later did some work and finally, after months went TABLE TENNIS 6 till 9:30sih!! I had to go, promised few people! Andrew texted saying he might not be able to come as he was taking his mum out to the beach for mother's day! aww so nice! (Squid did the same!! All of these boys are so good! lol) Anyways Romaine, Hayden, Graham, Kofi, Chris, Philip and others were there! It was so much fun and so nice to be back! Old jokes e.g "the net girls" were back! aww I realised how much I missed this place! I had a great time even though I lost to EVERYONE I played! lol Oh and I managed to do bit of anatomy in between each games, soo good like old times me, Pooja, Romaine and Romario working like we always do! Chris and James weren't on the nerds table however! Sad times! :( Totally miss James (jam), soo cute and his amazing comic making skills, I still have the comic he once made for me lool

I am paining for my mum atm, for mother's day! It should be done very soon wooo!

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I love you all <3