15-04-2012 Sunday ♥

by - 02:01

Few words to describe my day :
adventurous, exciting,  distressing (not by work!), scary, happy, jumpy, butterflies, 'had a proud moment', timid, shy, irritating, tense, sweaty lol, explorable, embarrassing :\, awkward (has to be there), difficult, hungry lol, too full (as in ate too much),  motivational, inspirational, sense of achievement, hope, dreams (SO MANY), puzzled, some bits of me doesn't want to expect anything, blond moment :/, Pooja Sharma, social, scared, light hearted?

So if you take all of these words, put it in a blender and make juice out of it, that would give you my DAY! Hooray!

If you think I'm in LOVE! Then you're WRONG! lol I should be in love with my books really! :\

TIME TO WORK WORK WORK WORK!!!! well work tomorrow, I wasted today any way!Need to start nice and early tomorrow!

Just look at this picture! STOP! THINK!! (what's wrong with you palak, GO AND WORK YOU IDIOT STUPID LITTLE GIRL)

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I love you all <3