Jannath's Wedding 9-04-2012 ♥

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Initially the plan to meet up with every at 1 and then go around Jannaths to help her get ready and dress up together but I don't know what happened the whole planned changed lol I guess it's because it would have been too hectic for her to look after us and all the other relatives who were coming to see her plus shaadi ka ghar is so busy and stuff. Anyway I left home around 3ish and met met up with Juhee around 3:30ish, it wasn't even hard to find her, as soon as I got off I saw her, She looked absolutely amazing in her pink suit! Anyways we got on the same train that I got off from (to London Kings Cross) lol had to run for it! Then we took the Northern line to London Bridge. We got there just on time, only Sabah was on TIME! lol Sindhu texted saying she was getting there herself and Bremla came after 5 mins or so. After waiting for around half an hour for Masha, we got a call from her and she said she had already been there and waited for us and had left. (LOL typical for a plan to go wrong) so we decided to meet at East Ham. We took the Jubille line to West Ham (me and aloo changed our falts into heels), where we met Numan Hameed (wasn't hard to find him) and then we took one of the lines, I think District to East Ham. Met Masha there and we all took the bus to the venue! We all signed the huge card Numan got for Jannath on the bus. It was so funny, we wrote such cheesy/ cringy lines like "make babies" hahaha! The hall was around 10 minutes walk from the station (it was bare hard to walk in them heels and it started RAINING)!! When we finally found the place (Thank god Numan was with us, none of us had any clue on how to get there lol), realised we were too early hahaha! They were still setting up the place and someone asked us who we were lol awks! but everyone was really nice and gave a table to settel down on. The decorations were so pretty, red, gold, green and all the other shaadi colours! Later Vanessa, Asha Ra and Syma came, then Ibs and Sindhu and all the other guests started coming. We had such funny time looking for a toilet loool it was jokes! Then finally the Groom arrived lol and then after a while Jannath entered! She looked ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!! SO BEAUTIFUL! and her little brides maid were soo cute all in purple! So funny when she sat on the special chair with brides maid, few of them were so serious about it and this little girl in the corner was running away and wasn't sitting how they were suppose to lol and then Jannath was like "sit properly because you're a princess" lol and so she sat down properly! So cute!! Kids are so funny ahahaha! aww when I have kids someday I want a daughter atleast! I just want to do her hair, go shopping together and just do all sorts of girly things haha! umm Completely drifted off the topic! So yeah we took LOADS of photos, which I will upload soon and left at azround 8ish, it was getting so dark! Wish we had food though lol! Coming back home was jokes too, freshi jokes like "we are not used to this cold weather", Juhee's heels and lots of other things! HAHAHA me and aloo died laughing! Numan helped us get on the right tube lol (as always) but yeah so nice of him! then we got off at bank and me and Juhee took the northern line to London Kings cross and Sabah, Brems, Masha and Sindhu took the northern line to Mordern! It was so sad leaving them! :\ Can't wait till uni starts, so boring at home but i don't want to attend lectures or prepare for exams! :( It was such an awesome day and so many inside jokes were created which can't be shared on here for security reasons lol! And it was crazy to think that Jannath got married! she's so strong, if it was my wedding, I would have been so scared (maybe because I'm not readt AT ALL atm lol)! Yeah I wish them all the best luck and happiness in the world! They made such cute couples together! woo can't wait till someone else gets married hahah♥

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I love you all <3