09-05-2012 Wednesday Dr and Nandos

by - 18:42

Aloo and people had practical, so we met up around 12:30ish , went DR! Jay ditched us (lol , but allow him), Numan went to EAT!!! (where is Numan? Eating) hahahahaha! Bremla was late!
So me and Aloo decided to have 'I hate boys day' once again! lol I swear we have it everyday! DR was great, learnt so much. Numan and Rabbito joined us later and we went through the whole of Thorax! woop woop

Then we went Nandos (isn't the best thing to do after DR, but I think we have learnt to get on with our normal lives after dissection, so it was all good). Thanks to Numan's sticker thingy, we got our chicken for really cheap :P It was sooo yum! Should really stop with eating out everyday! :\

Tonnes of funny events happened as usual!

Overall, a great day at uni (constructive)

Came home, realised I was too late for Choi Kwan doi (what a shame) :P Bet T was happy that we didn't go!
After I did a lecture, watched Apprentice (really want Jade out) ! ah well!

that's it, goodbye

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I love you all <3