12-05-2012 Saturday

by - 20:54

Got up!!
Went town and did some shopping for mum.
Came home made chilli paneer and realised a got the wrong sauce :\ aah well, still tasted alright!
Dad took Cheeky to the vets, poor soul got an injection for some infection! :\ (the plan was that I would go with him but I was so tired in the morning, so dad was like sleep for another half an hour).
yeah so after hovering went to the airport, I was megaaa excited! Saw Maa and everyone!!!!! :') it was a great moment. Me and Shivi decided to take the train back home just for fun and dad drove Maa masaji , masiji home!
Had lunch then we all went shopping and it's like 9 here and they are all sleeping hahaha :P

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I love you all <3