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Can't put the exact link here as I am not sure if Aloo would be too happy
But this is what she wrote on her Blog on Tuesday's post!  It's SOOOO FUNNY!! This happened on the 15/05/2012.
This is what Sabah wrote ( in this case Aloo is me and had to replace the peron's name with X - just imagine if he ever reads this!! OMGGG!! ) ...... 

so NH gave some of his notes to photocopy (very kindly) so he was like go to X (to risky if we mention his name) he'll do it for free, instead of the library. so we were like ok, no harm, ill be ok! so on  the way i was trynna convince palak to do the talkin, coz he proper knows her..they are 'friends' well compared to me... so looool we got to the doorway of the office, then both suddenly backed out! loool then we started laughin sooo much!! aloo was beggin me to do the talkin! lool was sooo funny i was like 'look aloo we have to go in coz he saw me' and she was like same he saw me too! so finally after dying of laughter, dont know why we were laughin sooo much! just felt really stupid! o and loool palak goes 'sabah he looks really good today!' [not in that sort of way yeah X, if you ever find out about this post! arghhh] looool! anywho so second time round we finally got the courage to enter the office, and i had been convinced to talk to him, so started walkin in and i was like aloo just be there with me for support loool, and then aloo jee suddenly ran out laughin again! and i was left in the office, with everyone just watchin me! and i was like waitin for literally ten mins, thinkin its ok shes gonna come back in! instead i stood there like a fool, laughin soo much coz all i could hear was aloo jee laughin her face off! was sooooo funny! all i could here was 'ahahahahaha o gawwd ahahahahaha gawwd!' looool the whole office could hear her! god just imagine if they heard everythin before! so i went out after her, and we like died!!! just laughed sooooo much!! ok then third time we finally went in to his office, and looool the look on his face, was like ok u finally made it to my office, like he was expectin us! urg cringe! and i was like ' hi, some of my friends said we can photocopy for free here, so can we just photocopy here just this once' and he was like 'ur friends? ' and i was like yeah, theyre ur friends too, like owais, NH and kamron'  and then  there was like this weird silence and palak goes 'and taz' looool i was like shut up palak! (loool we dont even no taz as a friend at all, like any more people would convince him anymore) so then worse thing worse he goes so stupidly ' is that why you guys kept walkin in and out!' LOOOOOOOL omg, then we just died laughin again! like proper hysterics! and my face goes so ugly when i laugh too much! so had i had to quickly calm down, didnt know wot to say so we were like 'umm yeah' loooool! sooo embarrassing!! then finally he gave us the photocopier, and the whole way aloo was just dyin! and i was like shut up!!! looool i was dyin too and i needed the loo soo bad! aloo jee just abandoned me coz she conveniently had to go susu again! loool then X's and palaks friend was like 'aww soo cute!' omg cring! soo embarrassin! ok cant say it enough! then aloos 'superstar friend' popped out from no where! urg the whole thing was just sooo funny! literally just laughed all the way home!! 

hahahahaHAHAH, OMG sooo funny, every time I read this I die!! SUCH AN EMBARRASSING MOMENT!!  Never ever want to see his face again and the second floor is just so risky now days  haha we pray that we never bump into X lool! Inshallah X will never ever find out about  our blogs LOL So funnyyyyyy, can't get over this! We are stupidly sad dumbo dumpys!! I am serious! such LOSERS!  

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I love you all <3