My favourite bit of the lyrics from the song O Ri Chiraiya

by - 23:14

Dedicated to all the women in this world! Mother, sister, Massi/Khala, chachi, nani, dadi, bhabhi, mami,didi....and all the other relationship a women represents! 
A world without women would be a ugly place (no offence to the male species, but it's the truth). This world actually runs because a woman and her sacrifices and pain! 

"Tere pankhon mein saare sitare jadu
Teri Chunar thanak satrangi bunu
Tere kajal me mein
Kali raina bharu
Teri Mehndi me mein
Kachi dhoop malu
Tere naino saja doon naya sapna"

Hats off to those women who has to go a through a bit more to survive and protect her children and family! Amazing thing to note that they don't give up stand there, so strong and taking everything the world throws at her! 

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  1. OMG I love this sing a lot :)
    Aamir Khan really have started something awesome


I love you all <3