06-06-2012 Wednesday

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Got up, looked ugly with the permanent bags that I have evolved with!
had to run for the train, STANDARD!
The prac test was long :\, good thing I sat with Meher-Nisa and Sangida and we all tried working out the answers together and think it went fine! Like seriously, if we didn't get parental help we would have failed, how the hell do they expect us to know so much!! Have they not heard of the word "teaching" :\

Anyway so after we finished AMINA and Sangida started teasing me about this guy, who I don't even know properly!! KMT not my fault if he puts "xxxxxxxx" after every text and assumes I am his best friend! , it's like MATE, You are forcing this relationship on me!!
Then I cba with fixing other people's relationship (theka le rakha hai kya maine :@ :@)

Then JUHO PAHUJA comes along with her tickly hands and joined them two! I mean seriously!! She was like "so you think he likes you" in that sort of tone lool I am like NOOOOO!! LEAVE ME ALONEE!!

Then Pahuja ji just embarrassed me in front of Ahmed!
Juhi: Palak fancies you and thinks you are good looking
Me: *blank face* because all of this happened so fast!
Ahmed: really palak
Mee: NOOOO lol

Anywayyyyyyyyyyy allow Ahmed, he's safe! :)

but for this, if you are reading this Pahuja, I will get you!! muahahaha!! Wait and watch yeahh!!
But it was funny afterwards, she went into the toilet and I put loads of water on her from the top hahahaahah and then as usual we chased eachtother with our water bottles down the corriders all the way to the lockers hahah (Actually love Juhi <3)

Went dissection after (Numan was LATE!! but it's ok....the excuse was not "I am eating" loool)
Learn so much about the beautiful abdomen, the blood supply and the venous drainage, just a bit confuse don nervous supply, will clear it all up next week! (inshallah :) )
umm Dr was actually so funny, started talking in Hindi/Urdu and god knows what and then this girl came up to us and said "I have been hearing all of you and you lot are so funny" hahahaha we were like :O everyone heard us!!

Numan's drawing's of anatomy made us laugh for at least 10 minutes Pahahahaah typical!

Then Juhi left , Numan went to pray.

Then later me and Numan went to Swarswathy bhawan to have dosa and we finally caught up on everything. Which was nice :)

MISSED YOU ALOO SO MUCH TODAY. Seriously, Uni is like a different place without you :( can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

Leucine zipper,
Zinc finger
Helix loop Helix

Oh and I met Anjali and family on the way back from the station! Akhil is so grown up :')

Didn't go karate, had a nap just now, time to do some serious work till late, bun the looks for this month, like I care!!



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I love you all <3