Tuesday 05-06-2012

by - 11:54

Was so tired in the morning, couldn't even get up! :\ but somehow managed to get ready in time for the driving lesson! Which went great today, finally got parallel parking right! Mt instructor said he will give me a mock test next week, woo!!

Then I had breakfast with Maa ji (my grandma) while watching Ramayan. A episode where Ram and Sita are getting ready to get married and stuff! All the time we watched it my dadi was like planning my wedding! :\ Slightly awks! :\ :| That's the only thing she looks forward to hahaha ! GOD!

Anyways need to get 7 lectures done!!
So plan is to finish the whole 8!

Good that I'm up to date with Alim, just need to keep going over it again and again so I don't forget! So by tonight need to finished week 8, NO MATTER WHAT!! Atm listening to the podcast to regulation of metabolism :\ fun fun fun!

update you later about my so interesting LIFE! lol

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I love you all <3