11-07-2012 Wednesday

by - 23:09

A lazyyy day  :\ Mum made khachodis though, yum yum :P
went CKD , which was so funny lol we were meant to do close contact sparing, or whatever you call it and me and T were dancing (well it was mostly me -ok it was just me dancing) and T was getting so embarrassed! hahah :P Tucloo looked happy aswell, so all good!

Then Me and Pooja took Emy out for a walk again! Was fun but we were so hungry.
Came home and had puri and aloo cury   (yeah ate fatty food today :\)

Right now I am soo happy but feels like i've been so desperate for something too :\ oh well, it was for a good thing! :D IT'S FINE!!

Woooo Gonna surprise someone tomorrow! :P

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I love you all <3