22-07-2012 Sunday

by - 21:22

Lister hospital! This cute Punjabi man was there who I had a lovely time talking in Punjabi and he got up nice and early, got changed before everyone else and goes "Chai la do! " loool so cute! I was like yeahh SUREE!
and I even helped him do his pagdi! really nice! and my patient (can't say the name here) was in pain again but was telling me all about her wedding and what she wore and stuff! I was likee arent you sooo cute! lol
Just hate nurses who ignore patient even when they are FREE, it's like what are you getting paid for? ! :\

Went Karate (no T and Anisha as they started Ramadan :(  ) missed them!
Came back, me, Pooja and Maa picked raw plums from the tree to make pickles! :P That was fun!!

So after we had to wash the plums and cut it then Maa added salt and turmeric powder to it and kept it on the window sill for the sun to warm it up I suppose? :S it smells soooo nice! mouth watering!!

After the Sharma family got together to clean up the back garden! wooooo It was fun! Love it when everyone works together!

Then did henna on myself! wooooo

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I love you all <3