23-07-2012 Monday Olympics Torch in Tooting!

by - 21:22

Got up late!
Totally forgot I was fasting so had to have fruits and stuff! :\

I don't even remember what happened! Lot's of funny moments in the games room and we played Kings again! we are so crazy about it!

Attended the charity week meeting with Amina, Meherun-nisa, Sana, Sangida, Hania and crew! SO excited about it, it's gonna be soooo fun !

Later when Sam insisted to go and see the Olympic Torch, Me, Aloo, Numan, Ibs, Anjum and other people from Dissection decided to go together loool it was soooo fun even though we had to wait for sooo long!
Me and Sabah made friends with little kids hahaha and we got these Samsung balloons which made noise on banging and so we all cheered up for England! Numan and Ibs were like "oh no PALAK, please I beg you don't do that" hahahaah but i did *evil face*

Saw Srishti, Ridhi, Pratha and other lot on the other side too!

On the way back these people were handing out free food and me and Ibs were like OMG pass it here then realised we were all fasting hahaha! so funny!

On the train we played the husband Wife game again and I even managed to get a picture of Ibs and his wife loool So funny!
Then me and Numan sang LOADS of hindi songs hahahaha and made music too using the olympics freebies!!! the stares we were getting but hahahah hillarious! "yeh Dil!!! aaah Deewana Ahhh" hahahaahah

Such a good day!
Had such a great time, waiting for NH to send me the photos! (even though they came out so ugly :( )

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I love you all <3