24-07-2012 Tuesday

by - 22:13

It was sooooo HOT! decided to wear a skirt after such a long time EFFORT! but felt nice on the train lol, jeans are so uncomfortable!

Did Henna on Sabah and Masuda Begum! They liked it even though it was ugly and I kinda rushed it!

loool on the train! we got on the second carriage (usually meant to get the first one) and there were no seats aswell so we all decided to get off at the next station!
LOL next station came, we all got off, we all ran looool so did MB but she ran to get to the first door hahahaha so funny, next thing I know the door closes and I see Ibs and Anjum behind me and Numan in front of me waving at MB looooooooooool she was at the station waving back hahaha! so funny!
we got off at the next station and waited for her to come on the next station!

NH let me play cut the rope for a bit :D

Came home, thought Pooja made Chowmein but she forgot :|  disappointment!
Me and Mum took Emy for a walk then we all had dinner :D good times!

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I love you all <3